This post is dedicated to all my fine hair readers
as I know how tricky it is to find a shampoo targeted for such cause.
The new L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Sparkling Range has been formulated with fine to normal hair
that is dull in apperance and consists of a shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment.

The packaging is every girls dream - pink and fabulous!
Not only is their an abundance of pink but the shampoo and conditioner both have silver flecks
of glitter mixed into the products...say what!
No really the shampoo and conditioner have fine silver glitter that helps to illuminate the hair.
I couldn't help but think this may be a god send for mum's with little girls who are tricky to get in the bath,
the promise of a glittery shampoo may be all the bait that is needed?

Now this line is aimed at fine to normal hair that is lacklustre and dull,
and as you may know I have thick hair but the promise of shine, vitality and moisture
not to mention a weightless formula was too much for me to skip on.
All three products aim to cleanse and moisturise the hair without weighing it down
which is something that can be a problem for the thickest of hairs so don't rule it out
if like I you have thick hair!

All three of the products have a lovely light floral scent that smells similar to products from the salon,
some may be a little worried about the glitter particles (micro-crystals)
but worry thee not as they are water soluble so you won't be walking about with glittery hair!
What the particles do is dissolve to give the hair an extra dose of shine without weighing it down.

So yes this line is for fine hair but I found it to cleanse my hair and scalp really well,
removing all products from the day before without over cleansing 
or stripping the moisture/colour from my hair.
I prefer light formulas as they don't tend to leave a nasty coating on my hair 
and I always feel that my hair seems softer after each wash?
The normal conditioner is probably the one thing I would skip as it wasn't intense enough for my hair type
but that is to be expected given I have dry/thick hair.
I do however feel that on fine hair it would more than serve it's purpose and moisturise without being heavy.
As for the conditioning treatment well I'm obsessed and have been using it daily for a good while now 
as it is a great in-between product for my hair type, slightly more hydrating than a typical hair conditioner
and not as heavy or thick as a deep conditioner for dry hair.
My dry ends just drink it up and look/feel so much better after each use.
On fine hair this would be a wonderful lightweight weekly treatment 
that will help keep the hair in tip top shape.

I really do like this line most particularly the 
but highly recommend it all to those with fine hair as I know it must be tricky to get a good line
for such hair types.

L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Sparkling Range (S) will be available from selected Superdrugs, Boots
and Supermarkets.
I will provide pricing information as soon as it becomes available to me.