I wasn't going to do a two week update Sonicleanse but felt I really should has things have changed
and rather drastically (okay a tad extreme) since last week!
Don't worry I shall keep the update short and sweet...much like myself, wink,wink!

The dreaded purge stage has kicked in dear friends and I have went from having clear skin 
to having a cluster of spots on my chin and cheek, yes just one cheek...oh the cheek of it 
(I'm here all week)!
The blemishes are fairly small and not really all that bad in reality just annoying,
yes I have counted and I have seven in total so really not that grim in terms of a break out,
I have spared you the horrifing photographs of such things because I am kind soul and all.
Oh how I hate having spots they really ruin my day and mood but if this the extent of them
and if it is what I have to endure this once then I shall be a trooper and carry on.

On the sunnier side of things my skin overall feels so much better,
it looks smoother and clearer (break out areas aside) not mention really soft.
I used a make-up removing wipe during the week and it just felt wrong,
clearly a sign I am a convert!

I will be back with an update in two weeks.
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