I am obsessed with primers and highlighters (and everything else cosmetic)
so a product that primes the skin and highlights as it goes is pretty much all I want in life.i
Okay that is a lie I'd prefer to be living in a sunny country and waited on hand and foot
but as this is not going to happen I will happily settle for luminous skin.

The L'Oreal Lumi Magique range is the newest line from L'Oreal with a range of products
aimed at providing the skin a luminous lit from within radiance.
L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer comes neatly presented in a slim white plastic tube
with golden accents and a pump dispenser so you can control just how much you use.
As it is plastic it is easy enough to chuck in a bag and go without worrying too much about it shattering,
aesthetically it won't win any awards but it is sleek and simple in design which suits me fine.

Pure Light Primer is a thick yet light liquid highlighter/primer, it feels hydrating and silken.
On first inspection it is a bright white liquid with a golden pink nuance
but blends out to provide a really subtle oyster pink glow to the skin when used as a highlight.
When applied as a primer the liquid perks up the skin 
and provides a great base to apply make-upon top off.
The shimmer in this product is so fine that the camera really struggles to pick it up
and in real life the tiny shimmer particles translate to a healthy radiance/glow.
The product has a slight scent but nothing that is noticeable once applied,
it blends faultlessly into the skin and is very easy to use no matter how you apply it.

The Pure Light primer can be used a few ways - as a primer or as a highlighter.
I have used it as both and oddly I prefer using it in a third way...trust me to be difficult.
As a primer it does a lovely job, it provides a smooth base that allows my foundation to glide on,
gives a light glow to the skin and helps keep my make-up in place.
As a highlight it provides a beautiful mother of pearl reflect to the skin and looks particularly stunning
blended on to the top of the cheek bones for a subtle light highlight.
But I really enjoy mixing it straight into my foundation, then applying the concoction straight on to the skin.
By doing this it provides all the staying power you gain from the priming benefits
but it also makes your usual foundation more radiant and gives the skin a lovely dewy glow
which I so adore, particularly now Spring is on its way!
You can also use this alone just to perk up the skin.

Product Summary
Round Up - A multi tasking primer that can be used as a primer, highlighter or on it's own.
Best For - Perking up the skin and giving it a beautiful gradient glow.
Availability - Selected L'Oreal counters such as Superdrug - link, £9.99/20ml