I'm having a light make-up week this up-coming week.
I'm aiming for at least three make-up free days as I like to let my skin breathe.
No eyeshadow this week as we are having a bit of a love/hate relationship at the moment!
Anyway let's crack on shall we...

Not photographed

  • Mac Prep and Prime Translucent Pressed Powder
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara (re-purchase so it must be love!)


Clarins Ever Matte foundation is coming out for a play this week. 
The texture of this liquid is amazing, it is creamy yet light and moisturising
but somehow manages to leave my skin with a lovely matte finish through out the day.
The coverage is medium to full depending on how you apply and built it
and really is a foundation that any matte lover should investigate. 

On the apples of my cheeks this week will be Tarte Amazon Clay blush in tipsy
with Benefit Dallas layered on top, sounds odd but works rather well.
It mutes the coral of tipsy down and makes it more season appropriate.

For my highlight which my dull skin desperately needs this week, 
I have chosen Mac MSF in Blonde no rhyme or reason other than 
I like to rotate the use of my MSF's and it is this one's turn!


MUA lip balm in Kiss Me, I love the vibrancy yet sheerness of this shade.
It delivers a little moisture and a high dose shine and works really well layered over Mac Impassioned.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Pinky Beige quite possibly my favourite lipstick ever!
The shade is the perfect blend of pink and brown and the formula is simply amazing.
If you can find one snap it up you will not regret it!

Mac Impassioned Lipstick as I am having a pink of a pink lip moment
and I have found myself reaching in this shade's direction quite a few times.

Sorry that my choices are less than inspiring this week
but that is sort of how I feel haha!