From Spain with Love (swap post)


My Cali Swap


Yep i've been swapping again and can I just say how much fun they are, honestly I enjoy shopping more for the swaps than I do myself, crazy right? The other great thing about it is not only do you get to try products that you can get in your country but you get shades/items that you wouldn't pick for yourself.

I'm aiming to do a swap with every US state (so far I've only swapped with California and Texas) and hopefully most of the world ( so far its been Dubai and Spain) pretty ambitious I know haha! Anyways this time I swapped with the lovely Ev who blogs over at Mozzarella & Make-Up seriously check her out she has a great blog and is uber friendly!

Yes, yes on to the goodies which I haven't had a chance to play around with yet but once I do i'll pop up some reviews. Enjoy!

EDIT- I have no idea why I said this was an L.A swap when it was a California Swap (yes L.A is in cali but this wasn't an L.A swap) so sorry Ev sometimes I just jump the gun!

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